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Why Herbatint?

  • It's made with natural plant colors perfected over 30 years
  • Its natural nutrients give your hai eep shine and vibrant, long-lasting color
  • It's easy to apply--goes on evenly--non-drying
  • Doesn't damage structure of hair-gentle to scalp
  • 100% gray coverage achieved with N series
  • Lightens hair by up to two shades

Available in 36 rich shades formulated by the leading European hair colorist. Sold around the world.

Natural Shades

  • 1N Black
  • 2N Brown
  • 3N Dark Chestnut
  • 4N Chestnut
  • 5N Light Chestnut
  • 6N Dark Blonde
  • 7N Blonde
  • 8N Light Blonde
  • 9N Honey Blonde
  • 10N Platinum Blonde

Specially formulated from herbal extracts. Herbatint uses the following herbal extracts to gently deposit color, achieving a natural shine and vibrant result for your hair: 

  • Rosemary: Natural antioxidant, rich in essential oils.
  • Cinchona: Used as a red coloring agent to ensure a better color cover.
  • Rhubarb: Used as a coloring agent. Its active principles produce a blond shade.
  • Walnut husk: Used as a brown coloring agent to ensure a better color cover.
  • Aloe Vera: Rich in vitamins, enzymes, panthenol and natural minerals. Protects and nourishes the hair while coloring
  • Meadowfoam: Rich in Vitamin E, it ensures better color cover and long lasting colour results.
  • White Birch: Hair tonic and re-mineralizing agent.
  • Witch Hazel: Treats the scalp, rich in flavonoids and essential oils.
  • Echinacea: A hydrating, natural antiseptic.
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