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Chop and Change 

I'm a retailer from Northumberland, England, suffered from a sensitive scalp, and coloring made her head sore. I've always colored my hair but suffered for it until I discovered Herbatint about 10 years ago. It uses herbal colorings and has no ammonia in it, and its conditioner suits my fine hair. My hairdresser applies it for me, but my scalp is fine with it, there is no irritation at all. Plus it comes in different colors so I can chop and change my look depending on how I feel. ~ Jenny V.


Delighted with Herbatint

"I am absolutely delighted with Herbatint. On the first application I couldn't believe the change in my hair. I love the color, and also my hair looks so healthy and makes me feel wonderful. I will recommend it to all my friends. ~ Rosemary D.



I recently used Herbatint and love it. I was using another natural hair color, which I also love, and the store where I purchased had run out, so I bought Herbatint. My hair feels so healthy and it was so easy to use. I take the products to my hair dresser and to have her use on my hair instead of the products she uses, which are so full of harsh chemicals. At first she was reluctant, but after seeing how effectively these natural products color my hair she is convinced. I own a small boutique and sell natural skin care products. As I am more and more immersed in this industry I am appreciating how damaging and detrimental the products are using are to our bodies and to our environment. I wish more consumers would be made aware and we could shift towards more natural products. Thanks you for doing such an excellent job with Herbatint hair colors. ~ Pamela H.

So many compliments!

I want to let you know how much I appreciate and love Herbatint hair color, which I have been using for a few years now. I used to go to the beauty shop to have my hair color done. My scalp would itch for a few days and it felt like a thousand hands scathing my scalp. I use Herbatint 7N and my scalp is never itchy anymore and my hair is so shiny. I get lots of compliments. Thank you so much for such a great product. I recommend it to others. ~ Vera W.


I just love these products.

I use Herbatint 2N and 3N for a few years now. I just love these products. I want to thank the manufacturer for creating such a wonderful hair color. My hair is so shiny and healthy, it looks just gorgeous. I get many compliments. I hope you stay in business for a long time and give our children the chance to use it. ~ Sandra


Easy and Pleasant to Use.

 I wanted to let you know that I successfully used Herbatint's 8N and was delighted with the results. I found the product very easy and pleasant to use - no horrible chemical pongs - and it has lasted far longer than the previous "normal" hair colourants I've used and has left my hair in top condition. I've just ordered packs of 8N and 7N so I can go a little darker at the end of summer. Thanks again! ~ Sue 
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