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  • Always do a skin test prior to each application. Mix pea sized amounts of Herbatintâ„¢ color and Developer and apply to skin (behind ear or on forearm below elbow). Leave on skin for 48 hours taking care not to wash off during this time. If you experience any reaction during this time (itchiness, swelling, redness) do not use the product. The same test can be applied to Vegetal if you are in any doubt as to sensitivity to the product ingredients.
  • Always do a strand test. It may be "Cinnamon Twist" on the box but it may become "Tropicana' on your tresses.
  • Herbatint can be safely applied to hair that has been colored with another product that is hydrogen peroxide based. On the first occasion however, the color might be slightly affected by the chemical pigments left by the previous product. Do not use Herbatint if you have colored your hair with a Henna based product and this Henna is still on your hair.

  • If there is heavy product buildup (gel, mousse, etc.) on hair the residues can interfere with color development.  In this case it is best to wash the product residue from your hair before coloring.  Otherwise it is best to color unwashed hair.

  • The natural color pigments in Herbatint can tend to run darker, we recommend choosing 1 or 2 shades lighter than your natural color.  You can always go darker, but it is much more difficult to lighten too dark hair.

  • Rub Royal Cream around the hairline and wear rubber gloves to stop skin staining.
  • For shades that are a big contrast to your natural hair color, consult Marie at 877-699-4400.

  • If you have recently permed or straightened your hair, wait 2 weeks before using Herbatint.

  • Don't use your best fluffy white towels, unless you fancy wearing this seasons tie-dyed look.
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