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60 Million Consumers Name Herbatint the Safest Hair Colorant

PARIS — the French consumer testing organization, 60 Million Consumers, tested 15 well-known mass market and 3 natural hair colorants currently sold in Europe and the United States for performance and safety. Of the 18 tested, Herbatint was the only hair color that received an acceptable safety rating, in addition to being recognized for it long-lasting color.

Each product was evaluated for: potential irritation, sensitization, mutagenic risks, and carcinogen and reproductive toxins using the standards of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (CSSC) of the European Union (EU). Based on toxicological profiles, Herbatint was the only hair dye, including two other natural products, judged acceptable because it uses very few potentially sensitizing or toxic substances.

This is extremely gratifying to us, said Pierce Sioussat, president of Bioforce USA, the U.S. distributor for Herbatint. For years we have been saying Herbatint has the lowest levels of chemicals necessary to achieve beautiful permanent hair color. To have that confirmed by such a creditable, unsolicited testing source certainly increases the weight of our message.

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