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How is grey hair different?
Grey hair is wiry and coarser than the rest of your hair. For the most part, grey hair lacks shine and manageability.
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What causes hair to turn grey?
Grey hair is hair that has lost its natural pigment. The color fades gradually as hair produces less and less pigment.
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My hair is just beginning to turn grey. Can I cover the grey without changing my own natural color?
Yes. Most people who color to cover grey want to stay very close to their natural color. Vegetal (the semi permanent colors) will do an excellent job. Choose the color closest to your own and the results will look so natural, no one will know you have colored your hair. Semi permanent color (Vegetal) will wash out gradually with 6 – 8 shampoos. If you use a dark color over light hair, the color will last longer.
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I’m less than 50% grey, but the rest of my hair is faded and drab. No Highlights No Shine. Is there a way to bland away the grey and also restore vitality and shine?
Herbatint low peroxide (3%) no ammonia colors are the perfect solution. They gently cover grey and restore the color tones your hair has lost. Herbatint brightens your natural color, can lighten one shade, add rich, lustrous shine, and last up to 4 weeks (until regrowth appears) before it has to be retouched.
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My hair is about 80% grey and I want to lighten what’s left of my natural color and cover the grey in one easy step. Which kind of color should I use?
When hair is more than 30% grey, it needs permanent color to cover completely. Permanent color is also the hair color that can lighten or alter natural color one shade.
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Does the amount of grey affect my shade selection?
Yes. If you have less than 30% grey and do not want a dramatic color change, pick a shade that matches your natural color. If it is more than 30% grey and you use permanent hair color, the results will be slightly lighter on the grey hair, giving an overall lighter effect. (You must use the appropriate amount of the N series.)
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Is grey hair more resistant to color?
Yes. Grey hair is coarser and slow to absorb color. That is one reason our Herbatint hair color directions tell you to apply color first to the root area and all the really grey areas for 20 minutes, than the ends for only the last 10 minutes. That way, you extent the processing time on the new grey hair and give the color more time to absorb. How does Herbatint brand compare to the many on the market today?
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I didn’t get proper grey coverage.
Next time, mix more of the natural (N) series of the same level (number) into your formula.
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How is Herbatint different from other hair colors?
Herbatint contains NO AMMONIA and is very, very low in peroxide (3%) –some colors can have up to 20%. The color is derived from the actual source i.e. vegetable and herbs. Vegetal (semi permanent color) contains no ammonia and no peroxide and is very, very gentle to your hair. The color is also derived from natural sources.
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