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Beat the Winter Blahs
With A Fresh, Shiny, New Color For Your Hair

As we look forward to Winter, we could all use a lift out of the doldrums. How about a fresh new hair color? 
Herbatint natural hair color with its spectrum of 36 rich and sassy shades can help any woman feel revived.
  1. Give your natural hair color new vitality and luster. Imagine your natural color shimmering with deep, rich tones and a shine so natural it seems borne from within. 
  2. Lift yourself out of the doldrums, and get a newer, younger, sassier look. Hair color can bolster self-esteem and give you a fresh outlook on life. For some women, just a little color change can make a world of difference.
  3. Cover gray or blend it away.  Herbatint’s gentle and natural colors can help easily cover grays and give hair shine and bounce.
  4. Revive fading color. When hair color begins to fade, using natural hair hues can revive your natural color and restore vibrancy, vitality and shine.
  5. Add warm or cool tones to your hair. If your hair shows too much red or gold that you don’t like, using ash shades will cool and tone them down. If your hair color is drab or flat, a gold, red or copper shade will add verve and brightness.
  6. Add body and thickness, and make your hair more manageable. Yes, Herbatint’s natural hair colors, with no harsh chemicals, can actually nourish your scalp, hair shaft and hair to bring it back to glowing and manageable health.
Enjoy the spontaneity of new hair colors.  Because natural hair colors are gentle, you can use them more frequently with confidence that you won’t be damaging your hair. You can change your look that much easier!
Pre-Color Tips:
  • When trying any new hair color, it is important to first perform a patch test and a strand test.
  • Should both be successful, here are tips to do prior to application that will ensure color fastness, shine and vibrancy.
  • Do not shampoo or brush excessively the day you apply color.
  • Wait at least one week between applying hair color and perming/straightening.
  • Use a brush to apply color to hair.  This gives good penetration and keeps the color off the scalp.
  • Do not use any hair color, natural or otherwise, to dye hair lashes or eyebrows; do this professionally.
Perform a Patch Test: Patch testing is always recommended.  You never know what ingredient, natural or otherwise you could be sensitive to. This should be done a day prior to when you want to color your hair.
  • Wash a small area behind your ear with soap and water and pat dry.
  • Mix one cap of natural hair color with one cap of glycol developer (included in box.)
  • Apply a few drops of mixture to test area with cotton swab.
  • Leave uncovered for 24 hours without washing.
  • If no reaction occurs, you may proceed with applying the hair color.

Strand Test: Our hair is as individual as we are, and the same natural hair color will turn out slightly different on each person, although it will be a close approximation to the shade on the box and the sample. If you are unsure about committing fully to the color, you can perform a strand test to see what your finished color will look like.
  • Mix one cap of color with one cap of glycol developer in a small container.
  • Snip a few hairs from an area where it could be notice.
  • Apply mixture to the hairs, then wait 40 minutes.
  • Rinse, wash and dry.  
  • Check out the new color.

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